Women Founded 5 Successful Indian Startups

Women Founded 5 Successful Indian Startups

In the last century, the workplace has changed dramatically. Any workplace at the turn of the Industrial Revolution was dominated by men, while women were assigned to administer the homes. Workplaces, on the other hand, have undergone a tectonic upheaval as a result of the internet and new and interesting technology. Women are no longer content to stay at home and prefer to lead groups and organisations. Women have repeatedly demonstrated that they are equally capable, if not better, than males in completing tasks. As each year passes, we grow closer to full gender equality. Bumble founder Wolfe Herd, Kylie Jenner (Kylie Cosmetics founder), and Masaba Gupta (Masaba apparel company founder) are just a few of the names on the list.

In the last century, the workplace has changed dramatically. Any workplace at the turn of the Industrial Revolution was controlled by m Wolfe Herd (founder of Bumble), Kylie Jenner (creator of Kylie Cosmetics), and Masaba Gupta (founder of Masaba apparel label) are just a few of the names that are known for running world-famous brands with their unique leadership style.

As the world commemorates International Women’s Day, we present five female entrepreneurs who have built globally recognised and profitable businesses.

1) Taku Upasana-MobiKwik

If you are an Indian who is used to doing online shopping, you will most likely be taken to a payment gateway at the moment of payment. MobiKwik is usually one of these gateways. In the digital payments and digital wallet industry, the company is well-known. Upasana Taku, who worked for PayPal before creating MobiKwik, started the company in 2009. Upasana Taku now oversees MobiKwik’s bank partnerships, business operations, and talent acquisition.

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2) Kar-Zivame, Richa

Richa Kar, an ambitious MBA student, created an online lingerie buying platform in 2011. Zivame is currently India’s top online lingerie business, with a market capitalization of more than $100 million. Richa came up with the amazing concept for her own lingerie company while tracking the sales of Victoria’s Secret, one of her clients at SAP. She saw that as lingerie sales soared in other countries, Indian ladies were not provided with comparable underwear. Richa discovered the societal stigma in India around lingerie shopping when researching the Indian lingerie business. Richa Kar is credited with removing the taboo associated with lingerie shopping in India today.

3) Falguna Nykaa Nayar

Falguni Nayar started Nykaa.com in 2013 after a long career as an investment banker. Nykaa, a one-stop online shop for beauty items from Indian and international brands, revolutionised online purchasing. Who’d have guessed buying makeup online could be that simple? Falguni Nayar disproved many detractors and established a new destination for those who enjoy experimenting with styles, designs, and colours.

4) Yatra.com Sabina Chopra

Yatra.com is a well-known Indian website for flight and hotel reservations. Sabina Chopra was a key figure in recognising the potential for travel commerce in India, as well as people’s desire for less expensive or easier travel. By the time people started looking for places to stay, Sabina had already set up Yatra.com. Sabina was previously the Head of India Operations for eBookers, a European online travel company. She was also working for Japan Airlines, which added to her previous travel experience.

5) SlideShare: Rashmi Sinha

People can upload and access their presentations on SlideShare. Although this feature is now available everywhere, SlideShare was one of the first to use it. Rashmi Sinha was a co-founder of the SlideShare presentation sharing platform. The startup was so successful that LinkedIn bought it for $100 million in 2012.

Let us know if you know any other amazing women who have become leaders in their own right or who have launched businesses and are doing amazing things in the comments. We at Startup Stories wish all the changemakers throughout the world a wonderful Women’s Day.

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