What is Domain & Hosting?


Today we will discuss one of the most important things that are used in digital marketing & web designing because when you design or build up your website then you need one name & area where you make changes. That’s why you have to know about the domain & hosting.

Also, if you want to start an online business, then you must need your presence on the browser i.e. you just need a website of your company. So, the first thing you need is a Domain, then a Hosting. Now let’s talk about these two important terms briefly. 

What is Domain..??

The domain is the name of our website through that name people go & search it in the browser. We can also say that if our website is our house, then the domain will be its address.

Here in the term of domain there two more important things which play an important role. The first thing is URL & another is IP address. In the domain, both these two things URL & IP address work simultaneously. People can’t reach your website with your business name; URL & IP addresses are also needed & both these things are generated automatically by the browser. The Internet is a large network which is connected to billions of computers through cables. For their easy identification, every computer has a series of numbers, which is specific for that, called IP Address.

The IP Address is made by numbers and dots. Dots are used for the separation of numbers. It looks like: 99.560.55.2.

Humans cannot remember or read IP addresses. To solve these problems, Domains were invented.


As you see in the image about what is a domain, but some of you might have a question; what is this security & extension..??

Here HTTPS & HTTP are for the security purpose of the URL known as Hypertext Transfer Protocols. They are of two types:-

  1. HTTPS–Hypertext Transfer Protocol with Security

  2. HTTP–Hypertext Transfer Protocol

When you planned your mind to start a business with a website, then you must need security for your website that’s why we have to use HTTPS prefix on our site. HTTPS consists of an SSL certificate where SSL is a Security Socket Layer or used for security of our site. When you buy hosting then SSL facility will be given to you.

Now let’s talk about Domains Extension, it’s on your choice which extension you choose mostly .com is used. They are divided into two groups:-

  1. TLD–Top-Level Domain (Consider Various Industries)
  2. CCTLD–Country Code Top-Level Domain (Consider different countries)



.com- Commercial

.in- India

.org- Organization

.uk- United Kingdom

.edu- Education

.au- Australia

.mil- Military

.us- USA

.gov- Government

.ca- Canada

What is Hosting..??

Hosting or web hosting is a space or place where all files or data of your website are stored. It is like the home of the website. As I told you previously that if the domain is the address of your house, then the hosting is the actual house that the address points to. As per a survey, there are over 1.6 billion websites on the internet. And all these websites have a unique domain with hosting.

Relation of Domain & Hosting

Domains & hosting are two different platforms, but they work simultaneously to build a website.

Now we understand how domains & hosting are related in one line. Without a domain, people cannot find your website on the browser & without hosting you cannot build your website.

How to Buy Domains & Hosting..??

Many websites give both domains & hosting like Godaddy, Hostinger, Namecheap & many more but it’s on your choice from where you want to buy domain & hosting.

But if you talk about a domain, I will suggest you go ahead with Godaddy because in the present it is the best platform to buy a domain. There are few tips from my side regarding how to buy a domain;-

STEP 1–Go to the official site of Godaddy

STEP 2–Find your domain name with extension

STEP 3–Add it to your Cart & fill the given required fields

STEP 4–After that, pay the amount, to get a confirmation mail on your email id.

Therefore, it is very easy to buy a domain.

For buying, hosting, you can check out these websites Siteground, Namecheap & Bluehost. Siteground & Namecheap are the best sites for web hosting. Many business sites & bloggers are using the hosting plans of these companies.

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