Top Ways to Rank #1 on Google

Ways to Rank #1

The ranking is overrated but actually, traffic is what matters a lot The ranking is overrated but actually, traffic is what matters a lot when your website ranks low even after putting genuine efforts to improve the Google website ranking. It feels like whatever you do nothing works. This blog will provide you a straightforward and systematic way to attract more traffic that will help you to improve your Google search engine ranking.

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The basic process is:

  • Get the crisp keywords that will help you climb up the website ranking.
  • Check out why other web pages are outranking.
  • After checking the main cause, beat them through that point.

Let’s dig in deeper.

Step 1: Find the keywords that are okay and not perfect

Find the keywords that are okay and not perfect

Most of the time the SEO will preach you to find your web page on page two ranking, figure out the ways to get your web page to page one.

It is logical but there are two reasons why it is not a good idea:

  • It is not easy if you want to improve ranking and go in 10+ spots.
  • Just to go on the first page should not be your goal, you should also think of the ways that will attract traffic.
  • Repeat

So, your goal should be to search for the keywords that help you to be on the first page and your entire focus should be on those specific keywords.

To know about it, paste your domain to Ahrefs Site Explorer to check out the organic report for the keywords. After this, filter your report and search for the keywords that help you to rank on the position from #2-10.

With the help of Ahrefs Site Explorer, you can check out the true rankings. You should exclude all the owned SERP features, for this use SERP feature filter. Click on the dropdown and click on “Exclude” and select “all features”, after this press the tick button on “only linking to target” box.

Step 2: Pick the keyword for which you want to rank high

keyword for which you want to rank high
keyword for which you want to rank high

The filtered report that shows you the keyword for which you are ranking but not in the pole position. It states that there is still scope for improvement. Here, you have to skim the keyword that will help to improve ranking. You are not going to go anywhere if you chase the keywords that are low valued.

● Check keywords that drive traffic

The keywords that are on the top are your target if you want to maximize your organic traffic. It is because these keywords have already driven to your web page. When you check out the traffic column of the report then you will check the keywords that help to drive the traffic despite getting a low rank.

● A keyword with High Search Volume

If you focus on the one keyword and make efforts to improve the search ranking then you can even double the traffic that you get from that specific keyword. For this, check out the volume column of the report to check the search volume of the keyword.

● A keyword that includes low keyword difficulty score

Keyword difficulty is considered to be the proprietary keyword difficulty score. This score will run from 0 to 100. If you want to go for the higher end then it is harder to rank as compared with the low end.

It states that it will take more effort to rank on KD 50 keyword than KD 20 keyword. For this reason, it is important to skim the KD column in the report and your major priority is to get the lower KD score.

● A keyword with high business value

There is no point in the organic traffic if you can’t generate revenue from it. This is why it is important to prioritize the keywords that comprise the business value.

Step 3: Check out reason for outranking

Check out reason for outranking
Check out reason for outranking

Your web page can outrank and there can be tons of reasons but don’t get stressed. Different ranking factors will help to correlate your keyword with the traffic.

  • Page authority.
  • A number of referring domains.
  • Website authority.

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But before directly landing on these factors, you need to check out the other ranking factors that will help to increase your website ranking.

● Searcher Intent

The major goal of Google is to provide an apt result for the search query. Their business models are purely dependent on it to find the best search among the hundred billions of websites. Google has invested to understand the intent of the query.

This is the reason why the best ranking pages for the link building are those offering the services for link building rather than providing guides and informational blogs. Google is very well aware that people searching for link building just want to get the information; they are not there for the purpose of buying anything.

The best way to analyze the first page of results is to check out the 3 C’s of the searcher intent.

1. Content Type

The content type is divided into four things that include blog posts, landing pages, categories, and products.

2.Content Angle

The content angle is considered to be the USP of the content. It is an important hook that will sell your web page to the searcher.

By matching the search intent, you can boost up the ranking position in a few days. To match the search intent is the primary reason through which you can rank #1.

The bottom line is when your content is not aligned with the search intent then think of the strategy to fix it. Otherwise, you are going to lose the battle.

Step 4: Beat other pages

Beat other pages
Beat other pages

Up till now, you might know why you are outranked so the next task is to fix those holes.

● If the main issue is referring domains

You should build a high-quality link for your web page. You can do this by replicating the links of a competitor, guest posting, etc.

● If page authority is the main issue

There are two options:

  1. You should build a more page-level backlink.
  2. Try to include relevant and powerful internal links to your web page.

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If you add the internal links then it is the easiest and genuine option if you think that page requires a small boost. However, concentrate on building more backlinks if your page authority is suffering.

● If web authority is the main problem

It is the hard one as it will involve a lot of time to fix the problem of web authority. Think to build more external and internal backlinks for your web page. Along with it, if you work on backlinks consistently then your DR will also improve as a by-product of the efforts. It will also help to improve your website ranking for a more competitive keyword.

If you want to improve DR, you should think of creating a linkable asset then use an internal link to point out at the resulting authority at the page that will help to improve the website ranking.

Step 5: Track rankings

Track rankings
Track rankings

It goes without saying as if you want to rank high on Google ranking then you should consistently track the ranking. Otherwise, you can’t think of the way that will help you to track the efforts.

To track, you should get the tracking tool like Ahrefs Rank Tracker. On your rank tracker, you can easily track up to 10,000 keywords. You have to track the primary keyword for every page.

If you want to check the keywords through rank tracker then choose a project, click on “add keywords”, you can type or paste the keyword you have to track. Select the countries that you want to track and then select “add keywords”.

That’s it. Now, you can easily rank and track your keywords.

Step 6: Repeat For Other Keywords

Repeat For Other Keywords
Repeat For Other Keywords

If you rank high for one keyword then it is amazing. But if you rank high for many keywords then it will be awesome. So, when you complete the process for one keyword, then go back to step one and repeat the process for the other keyword.

This will help you to rank high for tons of keywords so that you can attract organic traffic.

The ranking is overrated but actually, traffic is what matters a lot

When you analyze the web pages to check 10,000 keywords and it is stated that the entire top-ranking results get organic traffic by 49% of the time. So, ranking high should not be your only aim, your target should be to rank #1 for the target keyword.

Final Thoughts

If you want to rank high then it is not any kind of rocket science. But doing it for some selected keywords might be an intimidating task. That is why it is important to chase the ranking for all the non competitive keywords so that you can land on the first page.

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