Top 15 Advanced SEO Interview Questions and Answers

SEO Interview Question

SEO is that the nonsensicality once it involves driving organic traffic to your website. And in today’s digital world who wouldn’t need to try to to that. Digital agencies and firms with digital footprints request SEO professionals to assist them with their SEO strategy and the way to rank their websites on search engines.

If you’re trying to find your next job during this field, here could be a list of common SEO interview queries that are typically asked to candidates.

1) What are the steps you take to optimize a website?

Ans :

  1. Analyze website and business
  2. Keyword research and website value-rich content creation according to target keyword
  3. Analyze and optimize On-page SEO
  4. Optimize Off -page SEO
  5. Optimize technical SEO (like AMP page, Mobile friendly, website speed etc.)
  6. Analyze your site data.

2) How you will divide this task or how many types of this?

Ans : I will divide this task into 3 parts 1. Website and Keyword Analysis, 2. Off-Page, 3. On-Page

3) What is Page Rank or PR?

Ans: It is a calculation of a website according to the website backlink quality and quantity.

4) What is Googlebot?.

Ans: It is Google crawling software that crawls the website for indexing on SERP

5) What SEO tools do you use and why?

Ans: I will use Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Keyword planner, Semrush and Ahref tool for website analysis and keyword research.

6) What is Google Sandbox?

Ans: It is like a filter and review box that work on the new website. By Google Sandbox Google filter, review and hold new website to rank high on SERP for a pried.

7) How have you utilized structured data to earn featured snippets?

Ans: I produce quality, problem-solving content and write content in a structure like breaks content by heading, bullet points and use schema markup.

8) Have you ever set up Analytics? To what extent?

Ans: Yes, I have set up Analytics (custom report, goal setup, funnel tracking, event click tracking, all advance setting ). I am able to set up it in Cpanel also.

9) What do you mean by Cloaking?

Ans: It is a Black hat SEO technique in which we show different content or URLs to human users and search engines. If we use this technique for getting ranking so Google can ban this website.

10) What are the key aspects of Panda update?

Ans: Panda update was especially for quality content.

Key aspects: Work in thin content, Remove Duplicate Content, Make useful content for audience, website loading speed, ads free content.

11) Who is Matt Cutts?

Ans: Matt Cutts was the former head of search quality at Google.

12) What are the different ways to keep a site out of Google’s index? Which do you use and when?

Ans: I have three ways to keep a site out of Google’s index. 1. noindex tag , 2, Removals Tool, 3. robots.txt

noindex tag and robots.txt: If I need to keep a site out of Google’s index for a long time or permanently

Removals Tool: If I need to keep a site out of Google’s index quickly and temporarily block

13) Can you tell me something about Googlebot?

Ans: Googlebot is a Google crawling software. It is also known as spider or webcrawler. It crawls website pages and collects website page data for indexing. Google has two types of Googlebot

  1. Googlebot Desktop: It works on desktop
  2. Googlebot Smartphone: It works on mobile

14) What will you do, for the company website you are working for, decides to move all the contents to new domain?

Ans: I will follow some steps after discussing with the web developer.

  1. I will analyze website URL structure and connectivity.
  2. After that, I will create a backup copy of the old website.
  3. I will plan to make the same URL structure for the new domain also because if I will use a different URL structure, so it will create difficulty in website redirect and our backlink will show 404 error
  4. After that transfer files on New Domain Name
  5. After that redirect the old domain to the new domain with 301 redirections by the .htaccess file
  6. Again I will analyze the whole website for checking and correcting page internal linking and Broken Links etc.
  7. After I will update the XML Sitemap and Reindexing the website.

15) What are the key aspects of Penguin update?

Ans: Penguin update is mainly operated against webspam.

Key Aspects: Make quality backlinks , Remove low-quality backlinks, Create natural backlinks, Don’t do keyword stuffing

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