Basic principles for effective Email Copywriting

Email Copywriting

How to achieve a high rate of opening emails is what worries most of our customers when they opt for Email Marketing as a means of online communication. In this post, we will show you why Email Copywriting is so necessary in an online marketing strategy.

While it is true that Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways to gain user loyalty, it is also true that it is not so easy to make all our potential customers become long-term loyal customers.

As in advertising, many storytelling techniques are used to get attention and penetrate the mind of the consumer, in Email Marketing they are also necessary to improve the opening rate.

As we say, improve the opening rate, ensure reading and with it, make the conversion rate increase, are the 3 key aspects that every communication agency, company or individual must take into account when conducting an Email Marketing campaign.

At E Trend Talk, we firmly believe that every company should consider carrying out such a strategy at least once a month. Therefore, we teach you the basics of email copywriting.

You will ask yourself, what kind of content should I include in the email? How do I make all that content attractive? Very easy.

Email Marketing campaigns are mainly used to communicate news, offers, promotions, and other information that may be interesting to our subscribers, that is, all the relevant content generated by our business.

Once we are clear, what will be the purpose of our newsletter, we have to define the tone and form that it will have.

Will it contain images? Links to our website? Animated gifs or videos? It is here, where Email Copywriting techniques come into play.

The tone.

One of the mistakes many companies make is not choosing the right tone for their online communications.

eye! This is very important. Depending on the objective set at the beginning, our tone should be different.

If the newsletter is used to communicate news, we must use a close, friendly tone.

If, on the other hand, the newsletter is used to communicate offers and promotions, the tone chosen may be more aggressive.

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The next step is to build an attractive and concise title.

There is no manual that includes how to do it so that the opening rate is completely full.

Our advice is, stop and think. What are the aspects that make you open and read or delete and mark an email as spam?

Getting the user to be attracted to our email in front of the rest is the main thing.

For this you can take into account techniques such as:

Use descriptive titles. No creative titles, the user must know quickly what our newsletter is about.

Do not include the person’s name, you will save characters.

Do not turn it into a slogan. Using exclamations or superlatives, will make your email go directly to the spam tray.

Use indirect questions. It is proven that they favor the increase of the opening rate.

The content.

This third part of Email Copywriting, we can say that it is almost our favorite.


The content of your newsletters, will be responsible for getting a user to finally “hook” to your brand.

You have to keep in mind that users spend their time reading your content, so we must always facilitate the task.

Here are some email copywriting tips, which you should follow yes or yes:

One idea per paragraph. Structuring the information in short paragraphs will make reading much more bearable.

Use bold or italic to highlight the most relevant.

Use positive structures. Try to always present your content in a positive tone, you will retain the reader’s attention for a longer time.

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Use simple and straightforward phrases, bluntly. It is increasingly common to check email from your mobile. Imagine how cumbersome it is to read long paragraphs on the screen of your smartphone.

Once you have controlled these points, add some extra points to your content.

Being brief, clear and concise in email marketing is very important. No longer for the convenience of reading the email on any medium, but also, because each email we send to our customers or users represents an action that they must comply with, a different call to action.

If we mix in a single email a promotion, with a novelty and another type of offer, we will only be able to saturate the reader and end up again in the spam tray or in the bin.

Getting our users to do more than one thing is practically impossible. Below, you will find the latest Email Copywriting tips that we will give you to improve the CTA of your emails.

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