Monitor Your Employee Activates in Lock Down

employee tracking software
Employee’s productivity always matters to grow the revenue of a business organization. Therefore, employers these days cannot afford that employees goldbricking, data stealing, and other kinds of fishy activities in a business organization by using business owned laptop and desktop computer devices. Today, business firms have been transformed with PCs that enable employees to be productive in working hours. On the other hand, the advancement in business technology also comes up with plenty of hazards.

Therefore, employers need to monitor employee’s activities. Since a couple of month’s world is facing the biggest pandemic of the current century and business firms have been allowed employees to work from home. Therefore, employers have to keep an eye on employee’s activities in lockdown using employee monitoring software.

What is employee tracking software?

It is a kind of application known as TheOneSpy. You can install on business owned a laptop and desktop PCs and starts tracking your employee’s activities to keep them in the discipline. Moreover, you can save your business from rogue employees and get better productivity.You can use its powerful and advanced tools to monitor every single computer device of your employees.

Users can use website blocking, screen recording, MIC bug camera bug, keystrokes, and screenshots. Moreover, you can use view installed applications, on-demand screenshots, GPS location, surround recording, browsing activities, and many more.

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Users can use an employee surveillance app on all kinds of computers and PCs running with windows and Mac operating systems. Moreover, you can use it on all the contemporary computing devices secretly.

How to install Employee monitoring software?

If you are struggling to track employee’s activities on business-owned devices during the lockdown working from home, then you need to the service of TheOneSpy. You need to visit the official webpage of it and then get the subscription. An email will be sent to you instantly and for that matter, you can check your email inbox.

Once you have got the credentials then you need to have physical access on the target laptop or desktop device running with mac or window device. Now you need to start the process of installation and when you have completed it successfully then activate it on target PC. It is time to use the credentials and get access to the online web portal. You can get access to the powerful tools that is been developed specifically for the surveillance of employee’s business owned laptop and desktop computers.

Use Employee surveillance software features for mac & windows

There are following features of computers and PCs that we are going to discuss separately. Let’s discuss in detail.

Use Windows monitoring app features to monitor employees during lockdown

Block websites

You can remotely get access to the PCs provided to employees and then get to know about visited inappropriate websites. You can use the URLs into the filters to block time-wasting activities on windows.

View installed applications

You can view a complete list of installed applications on Windows PCs using PC tracking software. You can get to know about the sort of application employees have installed.

Screen recording

You can get access to the online dashboard and activate the feature like screen recording on target PC. Now it will start the recording of the screen of windows PC that enable you to make short back to back videos of the screen and deliver to the online web portal. You can watch all the recorded videos of the screen and get to know what employees are doing in working hours during the lockdown.

On-demand screenshots

This particular feature empowers you to capture screenshots of PCs on your demand by scheduling plenty of screenshots at once on the target device.

Use MAC tracking app features to track employees during the lockdown

Camera bug

You can control the mac device front camera remotely to see who is up to the device.

MIC bug

You can record and listen to the surrounding sounds and conversations by controlling the MIC of the MAC using the MIC bug app.

Screen recording

You can make back to back short videos of the screen and send to the web portal using a screen recorder app for mac.


The employee monitoring app is the best product of TheOneSpy to monitor mac and windows laptop and desktop devices.