How to Make Lockdown Entertainment: Tips and Tricks

How to Make Lockdown Entertainment Tips and Tricks
As we all are facing this pandemic situation and don’t know how to make it entertaining then here we give you some creative ideas which definitely makes your day. It will definitely give you a stage to enhance your performance. You fed up of doing the same thing again and again then we’ve got you covered with some fun, free ways to keep busy during the coronavirus lockdown.

So you’re facing this lockdown boring and want some tricks to make your life interesting then definitely read this sort of article. You’ve completed Netflix list and you’re tired of talking about the news with your flat mate.

Don’t worry; there are still plenty of free things left to do. Here we collected many such new tricks and tips and free things to do using just your internet connection or items you already have lying around to get you through the weeks of lockdown.

Here we go with such lists to make your quarantine days the wonderful one:

As we know every coin has two sides if we start worrying and getting depressed of thinking about the quarantine days not its positive ways to tackle then how we can makes ourselves a happy soul.
So, you are fret of being locked in your house, and become thoughtless what to do next then let’s start:

Things we can do in this lockdown:

• Make your hobby your passion: it may be possible that you don’t have time to improve your hobbies and do such things which excites you which will make best out of you. Due to busy schedule you are not able to focus on your passion which is your inner strength so now you got all those precious moments to spend some time on yourself and make your life an interesting one. Such like anyone has hobby to do paintings, cooking etc. and not get time to learn then this is the time to make and create your life. It is the time to find out the quality of yours rather than your busy and hectic schedule.

• Watch a movie: it’s funny but it’s true also that no one going to scold you for watching movies. Movies are related to our social culture which helps us to learn different culture so try to know about it. Only amazon and Netflix are not the option and you don’t have to pay for it. There are list of free movies available online and you can watch right now. No need to waste your pocket money. There are 1150 free films available online and if you have eligible ID card of your university you might also have access to canopy which offers thousands of more films.

• Spent quality time with your family: it is the precious time and we all have the chance to spend some quality time with our family. There is the time when no one knows what is happening in their house and in making of money they don’t able to concentrate on their child. Now we all got these beautiful moments.

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• Watch a documentary: if you are in the mood of something bit cerebral then there are many websites which is giving free access to the documentaries. There are several fun ways to pass the time with families and make some long lasting memories as you go.

Whether you are interesting to watch serial killer shows, some horrifying and many more then it’s the time to make all your wishes to be true.

• Write a novel or anything which interest you: it’s the time to make some creativity rather than consuming?
If you are wishing to write something and didn’t have time to write your feelings but never find time for isolation. Apparently Shakespeare wrote King Lear in isolation during the plague, so maybe this lockdown is when you’ll write your opus. There are many websites which give you a platform to start your writing capability.

• Internet surfing: instead of wasting time on social media start exploring new things like tour to ancient Rome and get knowledge about different culture and society.
This is time to where current technology provides us many ways to access different the virtual tour of different country which takes you to the forum, Capitoline hill, and famous monuments.

• Decorate your home: let’s start giving your home a new look without buying any other new products. This will increase your creativity. Start making your garden a beautiful place by planting new seeds. When you next go to exercise try to collect soft rock to give a new look to your garden.

• Paint with famous painters: you have been amazed to know that there are plenty of videos on YouTube which will help you to learn paintings through different styles. Have you ever dream to do painting? Then there is joy of paintings have been added which shoots your ears with happy little trees and helps you to enjoy the beauty of imperfections.

• Write a lyrics/ song: if you are willing to sing a song and have a musical persuasion then, time to start now. Let’s make a new channel with your current emotions.
If you’re not sure where to start and how to start a songwriting course could get you into the right frame of mind, and you can even start making some Spotify playlists in the meantime to get inspired.


With such a variety of activities you can make your lockdown the best and most memorable time. Don’t fear of this period you can enjoy yourselves by doing all such things which enthusiast and give you a new inspiration.
This is very serious days so don’t get frighten from this from encouraging yourselves to your family members let’s get exploration about your inner Van Gogh with arts and crafts. To unleashing your inner star potential with karaoke, so I hope you get some ideas which definitely makes your days not to be worse and you always be a happy soul.

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