Locally Made Items From Home Artisans that Make Wonderful Diwali gifts


Have the sales on the online platforms allured to the extent that you completely forgot about our local vendors? I know, the number of mega sales that international portals offer is very hard to ignore. If you manage to dodge one, the other ones get you. But what we fail to understand is that our local vendors are too waiting for their share of customers who are sitting online these days. There is nothing wrong in buying from the online portals provided you are buying from the Indian portals because small local business is present there. While Send Diwali gifts for family

And friends is not optional, so, while buying, let’s make sure that every single penny in our pocket finances a diya in the poor’s house.

You know, our local sellers have a much wider variety of gifts because they are well known for the taste of their Indian costumes. Diwali is a traditional festival and all the things that you need for this festive, whether it’s diyas, light, decoration candles, flower decoration, or anything, you will find everything from the local brands, even better. So, this Diwali let’s add a little traditional spin to our gifts by buying the local art. Buying from local businesses will not only benefit them but will also help you buy some memorable gifts for the people you love dearly. Let me list down some amazing gifts from our Indian artisans that will ease down your choice. A wide range of gift ideas may confuse you, but when you have a sorted list by your side, you can be sure of what you buy for whom. It helps you to buy a gift that breaks free you from buying the basic gifts that are eventually passed on. Let’s begin.

Hand-painted table runners

First, on the list, we have a very pretty yet very creative gift option, which is a hand-painted table runner. You know table runners are a very thoughtful gift because a table runner in good fabric and design can change the whole look of your living area. Yes, you may have not noticed it in your won home, but your table runner set attracts more attention than you think it does. It does affect the overall look of your room. So, for those of you who don’t know, buying a table runner that can single-handedly grace up the decor is a good idea. Get a print that is more traditional for this festive season. Also, in case if the recipient already has a runner of his or her place, they can always keep an extra set because the more the merrier, they can change it alternatively.

Hand embroidered suit set

When buying from the local sellers, you can even buy a suit for the lovely ladies in your life. You know you get so many beautiful sets of suits that are perfectly hand-embroidered by the poor people. They spend hundreds of houses to bring out every single detail in the design which makes this embroidery gorgeous. Also, because of the low demand, they are forced to sell it at very low prices. So, while looking at Send Diwali gifts for Employees, you can buy a hand-embroidered suit which will be a very special gift for the ladies like your mom, girlfriend, sister, or even wife. Can you even remember the last time you got a hand embroidery traditional suit for Diwali? Maybe never. This is because People seem to have forgotten about the traditional Indian clothes So, buy a gift that fills the receiver with joy. Buy a set of the suit with a traditional thread work which will be a pretty gorgeous ensemble for the occasion. If you want, you can even get a customized embroidery design as per your choice.

Aroma candles

You will get hundreds of options and designs for aromatic candles on the international websites, but the choice hangs up on you if you want to buy the same form from the local vendor or want to invest in international websites. Let me tell you that you will get a similar even prettier aromatic candle from the local seller. They even have the traditional design which looks great with the Indian decor. They make extremely crafty candles and you get plenty of them on the roadside vendors. They sell it at very reasonable prices, so you can buy a number of these for your friends and family. Make sets of these candles in the most exciting shapes and colors, also pick some exotic scents to make it a fragrant gift.


Knitwear opens up a range of options like knitted clothes, table mats, foot mats, wall hangings, paintings, soft toys, etc. all these are knitted by people and then sold in the market. You may not get a brand name, but you sure will get the best of the knitwear from our locals.

These are the gift items that you can buy from the home artisans and local businesses on this Diwali.

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