5 Reasons to Consider while Hiring an Event Wi-Fi Rental

One of the most compelling advantages to event wifi rentals is the price. Considering how many people who can typically pass through your venue, paying just one flat price for internet access can save a ton of money. Renting the right wifi you need for your event is also one of the best options you can make to not only save your pocketbook but also for the people who attend your event.

If your event will be smaller in size, you should probably look into renting out a single wireless router or one with a single wireless access point. If you plan on using more than one location at a time, then a larger network will be more cost-effective and flexible. You will need to figure out how many internet access points you will need, however. It will also depend on whether or not your venue is wired or wireless, as well as if you plan on using wireless security technology.

Consider Price

With an event rental service, you will not only get a great price on your access point, but also a great deal on the rental. Many providers are set up as a “per visit” service, meaning that when someone passes through your venue for the first time, they will only pay for their Wi-Fi usage. If there is a second visit, then the guest will simply get the discounted rate. The discounted rate will generally vary based on the size of the rental and the location of your venue.

Consider Location

Most rental providers will have plenty of Wi-Fi network locations, although you might want to go with one provider that has a few locations to offer. In addition to having multiple wireless access points, you should also find out about the types of coverage that the system will offer. Some types of coverage will be much better than others. For instance, if you will have multiple guests who plan on using the internet at the same time, you might want to rent a system that has unlimited coverage or one that is more robust than the others.

Ways to Rank #1
Ways to Rank #1

Consider The Guarantee

You should also look into whether or not the event wifi rental provider you are working with offers any type of guarantee of coverage. This is very important especially if there is going to be wireless security involved. If you are going to have a large event or are renting out multiple rooms or suites, you want to ensure that the system you are renting is capable of providing high-level protection against hacking.

Another thing you might want to look into is whether or not the rental service will charge you a flat fee for the rental, as opposed to charging by the hour. Some providers can offer hourly fees as well. If you are renting out multiple rooms or a suite, then this can save you some money, especially if you have to pay for each rental at that rate.

Choose According To Your Event Needs

A wireless access point is a great asset if your venue does not have adequate wired internet. You will want to ask about how much wireless access points there are in the venue before you sign up for any service. Also, the amount of coverage you will receive with one wireless access point should be factored into the overall cost of your event WiFi rental. If the venue does not have enough wired internet, then you might find that renting out a single wireless access point is enough to handle your needs. These are some of the reasons to consider an event WiFi rental. Remember that if you plan to have a large number of guests come to your venue, you might want to rent out several wireless access points to ensure that the coverage and security are up to par. standards.