Graphic Design Requests That Clients Make


As a graphic artist, you may have come across different types of clients. Some are serious, some are professional, and some are really fun! It is true that managing clients is an integral part of the graphic design business, but there are cases where you will face clients who will approach you and make the strangest requests.

Different designers react differently to such requests. You can get mad at the customer or laugh out loud! The second is a better option, as it will keep you in a good mood.

  1. A corporate logo design in minutes!

I have come across designers who have faced clients who had requested to create a corporate logo design in a matter of minutes. I’m sure you haven’t heard anything funnier than this! Do these clients really have any idea what it takes to conceptualize a corporate logo? Furthermore, these clients are so conceited that they refuse to see reason.

My intention is not to make fun of customers, but there are guys who leave you, stunned! In such scenarios, you have to literally explain to them that corporate branding is not asking for instant coffee.

  1. Design for free!

Yes, there are clients who will come up with such funny requests. Such a client will tell you that your design is too simple, so you are expected to design it for free. This is height! Working for a public cause is different, but working for a client at no cost is beyond acceptance. These are business guys. There is no place for charity here!

  1. Design the wedding dress

There are some clients who do not know the basic difference between graphic design and fashion design. It was just a month ago when I was excited when this potential client called and asked me to design a wedding dress! I couldn’t help but laugh and hung up!

  1. Decide the colors on the phone!

Colors play a crucial role in any graphic design project. Decisions must be made after careful thought and then implemented. You have to talk to your clients about the final selection of a suitable color scheme.

Lately, I was designing a brochure for one of my clients. I asked him what color to add. And guess what he said !!! He said, “Let’s decide on the phone.” Is it possible to choose the color over the phone? Are we graphic artists or magicians?

  1. You are a talent pool!

This is another funny comment that one of my fellow designers heard from his client. This client cleverly approached him and said, “At first glance, I knew you are a talent pool.” Without even having gone through their sample work, how can one be so sure!

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In reality, this client was carried away by the designer’s appearance. His unkempt appearance, ragged jeans, his beard, and long curly hair made the client think that he (the designer) was creative. Of course, this designer is talented, but drawing conclusions like these can be risky for a design project!

Floor decals are a wonderful medium for advertising events, products, and even use as a path finding tool. And also, if you magnify your consciousness with this style of the decal, you use it on the walls too. Due to the elastic overlaminates that capitalize on this class of decal, it can be adopted anywhere individual (or otherwise) contact can be made.

Floor graphics

Since many floor graphics are used for precise events such as trade shows or conventions, it is not often that many are required to guarantee screen printing, which is why we most often produce floor graphics digitally.

The adhesive adopted in the floor graphics is a form of removable adhesive so that you can remove the decals at the end of an event. However, whenever you are going to use them on the walls, you will want to capitalize on the same laminate, but not the same vinyl. You will expect an extra durable adhesive. When shopping for this type of product, verify that the printing professionals you are dealing with are familiar with these details.

Another form of “floor” graphic is now literally called a “sidewalk graphic.” This displaces a thicker, stickier adhesive that blocks pores in concrete or asphalt sidewalks, walls, piers, and the like.

But then again, when you are engrossed with a product like this, your graphics expert should be able to provide you with the precise whenever you need “sidewalk graphics.”One of the clients, whom I was able to meet, sells shoes, so I wanted a floor graphic promoting her shoes, which of course, were in the shape of a footprint. Every time he walked into a shoe store, he could walk along with the “footprints” to the section of the store where the shoes were placed.

Stanley Tools advertised these 27 “diameter floor graphics at Lowe’s Home Improvement stores two years ago, announcing a new tool they were trading at Lowes. Die-cut shapes can add interest to floor graphics like the two previous samples.

There are other ways to make flooring graphics, but nothing quite as rushed and effortless as digital printing or screen printing the vinyl material and then laminating it along with the appropriate stretch laminates.

Sacred art

Of course, images of deities are one of the most important subjects in ancient Indian lithographs. Devotional images were mass-produced and adorned with walls in bustling villages, towns, and cities.

Graphic design for commercial products

Another important area for collectors is matchbox and fireworks labels. The presses focused on the heart of the match and fireworks producing territory: Sivakasi in southern India. These products tend to have secular themes. Animals are a favorite subject: a cobra, a peacock, a horse, an eagle, a bumblebee, etc. For fireworks, themes from outer space or scantily clad showgirls are also common.

The printing of the packages was meant to be temporary, so it was often of a much less refined quality compared to the attention paid to the production standards of framed paintings.This does not make it any less an art form. These vintage graphics have a beauty of their own.

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