DomainRacer Vs Hosting Raja – Which is Best Hosting


In this article, we will do a comparison of DomainRacer vs Hosting Raja to help you decide which web host is best for your website. DomainRacer and Hosting Raja both are the largest domain and web hosting service providers.

This comparison guide will help you to simplify the process of selecting the cheap unlimited web hosting India provider that suits your needs perfectly. The main features of the web hosting plans used in this comparison are as given below:

DomainRacer vs Hosting Raja: General Overview

DomainRacer and Hosting Raja are two of the biggest web hosting platforms around. DomainRacer is the biggest and most popular domain names register and web hosting provider in the world.

It is the most popular choice of customers for web hosting because of the cheapest hosting price. DomainRacer offers unlimited features with premium plans. They also offer easy payment options as well.

Hosting Raja is the best leading company for web hosting. They provide good web hosting services at an affordable price. Both web hosts offer a range of hosting plans. Shared hosting plans are ideal for small business owners and bloggers.

Those both Web hosting companies not only help you to customize your site but also provide all essential features that you need to build your website.

DomainRacer vs Hosting Raja – Quality, and Performance

Both quality web hosting service providers offering different web hosting plans with amazing features. DomainRacer uses SSD servers and 21x faster LiteSpeed technology which increases the speed of processing and is available on all their hosting plans. 

Hosting Raja does not offer fast hosting services. If you really want your visitors to have a faster browsing experience on your website or blog, I recommend you to choose DomainRacer hosting plan.

We tested both DomainRacer and Hosting Raja web hosting performance. You probably noticed in the next page, DomainRacer performed better than Hosting Raja.

DomainRacer Quality and Performance Test Result:


HostingRaja Quality and Performance Test Result:


DomainRacer vs Hosting Raja – Security Features

Both web hosts offer free SSL certificates, so you’ll be able to secure your website. DomainRacer offers a high-security feature to secure your websites so that your website remains safe.

Security Features Offered by DomainRacer: ModSecurity, PYXSoft, DDoS Protection, Imunify360, ImunifyAV+ and Firewall. The hosting company also offers email spam protection.

HostingRaja offers a real-time malware scan, which will protect your website from any malware attacks and hackers. They also offer WordPress security updates that keep your WordPress site secured.

Therefore, DomainRacer is the best option for those who are really concerned about their website’s security.

DomainRacer vs Hosting Raja – Technical Support

The customer support of both web hosts is quite reliable. Both DomainRacer and Hosting Raja offer 23/7 Customer Support.  DomainRacer offers support via live chat, phone support, email, ticket system, and WhatsApp.

With their 24/7 live chat support; you’ll be able to get an instant fix for your website-related difficulty. Hosting Raja offers customer support via phone, email, and chat support.

DomainRacer vs Hosting Raja – Hosting Package and pricing

DomainRacer provides several web hosting plans according to your need. They offer a very affordable hosting plan, starting just at $0.99/month.

If you are starting a website or blog, choose a basic plan because it can save money as well. The web hosting packages offered kinds of platforms like Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.

Everyone definitely likes to select the cheapest hosting service. Hosting Raja is a good web hosting company, but its hosting charges are a little bit more expensive than DomainRacer.

DomainRacer offers different web hosting services: Shared Hosting, fastest vps hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Reseller Hosting.

Hosting Raja offers different web hosting services: VPS hosting, dedicated server Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Cloud hosting.

DomainRacer is the only web host offering 99.99% server uptime. Hosting Raja promises server uptime of 98.99% for all its hosting plans.


They’re both excellent web hosting providers. Hosting Raja offers a stronger hosting service, but DomainRacer is better for an all-in-one experience because they provide the net domain offer and cheapest hosting plan with the best hosting features.

For those looking for cheapest and unlimited hosting plans, DomainRacer is the best place to buy hosting at the cheapest rates. Also, DomainRacer is faster than Hosting Raja. 

So choose the best web host between DomainRacer vs Hosting Raja. I Hope, you get useful information about two web hosting services.

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