Basic Requirements of All Types of Vegetable Plants

Vegetable Plants

Growing vegetables at your home is not that difficult as it seems to be. Whenever we try to do something new, we make many mistakes in the beginning but we learn from these mistakes. As it is the common phrase that the practice makes perfect, one can be an expert in gardening by doing the practice of it regularly. People should try different things in order to get rid of the monotony of doing the same work everyday. Gardening is a productive way of passing one’s time. One can find enjoyment while gardening and this can become their hobby. One can pass leisure time learning this new skill. Therefore, you should have some plants in your home by getting the online delivery of plants or purchasing them from any offline nursery as gardening is the best hobby in all aspects. When growing plants in your house, you should try to grow them naturally without using any chemical fertilizers. There are many ways to take care of your plants naturally and it does not mean that they can not grow without chemical fertilizers. By growing plants of vegetables at home, one can have organic food for oneself and can help save the environment. There are some common needs of all the vegetable plants which are mentioned below.

Seedlings in small planters

You should have small pots filled with the soil mixture which should contain compost, soil, and coco peat for sowing the seeds. In small pots, seeds can easily germinate and roots of the plant can easily spread. These roots can easily take their place and maintain the grip in the soil to provide support to the plant. You should make these small planters by reusing the plastic waste like from disposable cups or plastic bottles. You can use these bottles after giving them the shape of the planters and you can make them look attractive by using acrylic paints. For most of the vegetable plants, the pots with the seeds should be placed in shady areas.

Watering of plants

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Every plant needs water to make its food with the process of photosynthesis but some require less frequent watering and some require more and you should have this knowledge if you are going to buy plants online. Plants like succulents need to be watered after four to six days depending upon the type of weather while some plants need to be watered daily. If the soil is moist, you should not water the plants as overwatering can cause the root rot. You want your plants to be happy then the temperature of the water should be cool in the summer season and in winters, the water should be at room temperature. Some can grow only in water like pothos and lucky bamboo.


Plants take their nutrition and water from the soil. Soil usually loses its nutritions after some time and fertilizers are added to give nutrition to it. Natural fertilizers like compost from kitchen waste, vermicompost, or cow dun are cheap and provide good amounts of nutrition to the plants, while chemical fertilizers can damage the plant. Fertilizers should be added to the soil after fifteen to twenty days depending upon the type of plant. Some plants can grow in less fertile soil while some require more fertility of the soil. It is better if you make compost out of your kitchen waste and garden waste as this can help you dispose of your kitchen waste in a productive way.

Drainage of water from the planters

Pots of the plant should have drainage holes at the bottom-most point of the container and there should not be a place in the pot where water can collect. When you buy pots from the market or buy them on any online store while doing the online shopping of indoor plants, there can be some pots where the holes are made a little above the surface and there can be some space at the bottom of the planter where water can collect. The collected water near the roots of a plant can cause damage to the root of the plant.

Natural insecticides

You should remove any kind of rotting leaves from the soil because these can attract insects. Plants can be attacked by insects at any time and you should instantly take an action in order to stop their spread. You can do this by using a spray of vinegar or neem oil. You should use these fertilizers because you are growing edible plants. Chemical insecticides can cause harm to the human body.

Pruning of plants

Dead and decaying parts of the plant like leaves and branches should be removed from the plant, so it can focus on its healthy parts. You should cut these parts using a sharp and clean cutter. Pruning is also done to give the plant the desired shape.

Pollination of flowers to make fruit

Pollination is done by insects for most of the vegetable plants in which they transfer the pollen from the male flower to the female flower. In the absence of insects, you should do this work with the help of your hands.

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