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Useful Websites

The invention, availability, and usability of the internet made our life smoother, safer, and easier than that of the past. Human life is short and in this short period, men want to utilize their time and get the best result out of it. To get the best result, you have no other way except taking the help of modern technology like the internet and some useful websites. If you become sick and doctorola.com is there to help you. You need not go to Dhaka Medical Hospital and stand in the long queue just to fix a one-minute appointment with the doctor. Are you hungry enough? and have no time to go shopping? Chef Cart or Chaldal is there to help you. Do you need to go somewhere? Pathao ride is ready to help you. Today I will tell you about 10 useful websites that will fulfill your 10 different necessities.

1. Chef cart

Chef Cart is an online grocery shop which has no shopkeeper. It is a virtual shop that is active 24/7 to serve you. You just need to hold your smartphone and go to their website, choose a product, place an order, and now the product is on the way to your doorstep. You just need to wait only 12 to 24 hours to get it. Now you must be thinking about their return and exchange policy. Their return and exchange policy are flexible and user friendly. You can exchange or return your product within 7 working days on condition that it remains intact. They are rigid in terms of their website security and flexible enough in terms of providing customer services. If you are staying in outside Dhaka, they will deliver the product through courier services. This shopping platform is established by Sultan Somrat, a living legend in the field of online business. Besides, they have a dedicated team of customer representatives that provide 24 hours customer service and answer the queries of the customers. Their delivery team member will deliver your product in both a rainy or sunny day, in moderate or stormy weather, in the day or night. Also, consider checking out their baking section, they have a huge collection of products listed there.

2. Sheba.xyz

Sheba.xyz is an online platform that took the responsibility of your daily necessities. They take the responsibility to repair your TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, and any other electronic devices that you use. Even if you have a dirty cloth that is full of filth but you have no time to wash? Just go to sheba.xyz using your handset, make registration, and take their services. In short sheba.xyz will do everything that your home maid or caretaker does. So, isn’t it right time to say ‘no’ to your home caretaker or maid and replace him/her with sheba.xyz?

3. pathao.

If you need to go somewhere but you don’t have any transportation of your own. You have a limited time with a huge traffic jam on the road then what will you do? I have a better solution for you. Take your smartphone, install the Pathao app, select your pick up and destination point, take a deep breath, and just relax. Within a short period, a rider will pick you up and drop you to your destination. Even you can order food using Pathao app. You can send a letter, your valuable documents, and other useful things using Pathao courier.

4. Doctorola.com

If you got ill and need a physician but you don’t know anyone around your locality then what will you do? Let me answer it. You need to log in to doctorola.com to fix an appointment with your specialized doctor. You need not to go to the Kurmitola General Hospital to stand idle in a queue of 200-meter-long just to fix a two minutes’ appointment.

5. Chaldal.com

Chaldal.com is an online platform that took the responsibility of your grocery shopping. You can buy essential commodities like fish, rice, dal, flour, wheat, salt, edible oil, etc. from them at a cheap and reasonable price. They provide countrywide services in the quickest possible time. If you are a discount lover then you must choose chaldal.com. Because they offer lucrative discounts on their product.

6. HungryNaki.com

It is a unique online shopping platform. I said unique because it is the only website that allows you to choose your desired food item from your desired shop. You need not to go anywhere for food but food will arrive at your doorsteps. Just go to hungrynaki.com, make a registration, place an order and the food will arrive in the quickest possible time at your doorstep. They also provide buy one and get one offer for you.

7. Shohoz.com

Probably you are thinking about going to Gabtoli Bus Terminal to buy a bus ticket. But you don’t have much time or energy to do that. In this case, you don’t have to be worried about. There is an online platform that offers you online ticketing services at a cheap fare. The name of this website is shohoz.com. You need to go to their website, choose your destination point, make a payment and now you are all set. You will receive a confirmation mail from them. You have to show them in counter to board on the bus. You can buy a launch ticket from them as well.

8. Bikroy.com

Getting bored with your old model iPhone? Need to buy a new one? I have a better suggestion for you. Sell it to bikroy.com with a quick and simple process. Just log on to bikroy.com, create an account, take the picture of your product, add a description, and post it in bikroy.com with an active phone number. If someone needs your product then he will be able to call you to complete the deal. Bikroy.com is also an online platform for the job seeker. You can find your desired job through bikroy.com.

9. Daraz.com

Daraz is one of the largest online shopping platforms in Bangladesh. All kinds of commodities from a safety pin to a car are available on this platform. It was founded by Muneeb Maayr and Farees Shah in the year 2012. It launched its operation in Bangladesh and Myanmar in the year 2015. In the year 2018, Daraz.com was acquired by a Chinese based company named Alibaba .com. Now it is operational in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

10. Repto.com

Repto.com is an ideal online platform for knowledge seekers, students, and teachers. In this pandemic situation, it is not safe for the student and the teacher to go out to study or teach. Repto.com comes up with the idea to teach the student at home. Here the teachers recorded their class lectures for the student and the student can learn by watching the video. Repto.com offers courses on Graphic Design, English Language, Digital Marketing, Photography, etc.


Online shopping is getting popularity day by day. In this competitive world, you have to compare a product’s price with different competitors to have a better idea of this product’s price. If you want to do it manually, you need a whole day or even more. Because you have to go to different markets in the city to check its price. But if you have a personal computer or smartphone you can compare a product’s price with hundreds of competitors in the shortest possible time. You can find a product’s merits and demerits using an online platform like the chef cart. To do that you have to be tricky and smart enough while shopping online. So that you can keep pace with the consumers of the competitive world.

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