10 Amazing Free Google Tools for Marketing and Research

10 Amazing Free Google Tools for Marketing and Research
Everyone knows about Google and love also because we take a lot of benefits from Google. Google is a search engine everyone knows but it has some amazing free tools for Marketing and Research. You should know about it and take the benefits of these tools.

    1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the free Analytics service of Google. It is a unique tool for Marketer and Researcher that help to track website activity such as web traffic, traffic source, session duration, bounce rate, etc. Google Analytics implements by Google tracking code. It provides a JavaScript code when we sign up Google Analytics and we have to put this code into the website head.

    2. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an amazing tool. If you are not getting relevant organic traffic, then you should consider AdWords for paid marketing by selecting the right bid on the right keywords, you can gain good traffic and conversion will balance the value you pay for your ads.

Type of campaign you can run by AdWords-
• Search Campaign
• Display Campaign
• Shopping Campaign
• Video Campaign
• Universal App Campaign

    3. Keyword Planner (Google AdWords Keyword Tool)

It is a Google AdWords feature and can be used for Keyword research. When you need a keyword idea, try Keyword Planer. You can search easily words or phrases related to your business. It helps to research keyword for PPC Ads like you can sort your results by clicks, cost, match type, impressions, CTR, or average CPC.

    4. Google Alerts

It is a notification service of Google. If you want to get the latest content according to your choice so use Google Alert. Create a Google alert account by your mail id on that you want to get an update and select your category or topic. Now you can get the latest topic notification on your mail Id. Alert Service sends an email to the user when finding it new results such as web pages, newspaper articles, blogs, or scientific research that match the user’s topics.

    5. Google Trends

Get the latest trend, It is a Google website that provides an analysis of top search query across various regions and languages. It helps search and marketer finding the latest trending topics. You can compare here one more query and can see the graph of the trend over time.
How to will use: It is free and no need to sign up here. Go on https://www.google.com/alerts. Select your regions and topics.

    6. Google AdSense

It is a free and easy way to get earning from the website. Google AdSense is an online program run by Google. In this program, all website that serves online content on Google can be monetized. Approx. 11.1 million Websites use AdSense. If you have a website and you want to earn by this program. Use Google AdSense.
How you can earn by Google AdSense: Read Google AdSense guideline and follow it.

    7. Google Blogger

Need a free blog, use Google Blogger. It also a free blogging service of Google where you can make a free blog. If you want to make your writing online, want to write about yourself or want to make a personal blog so it for you no need to pay for it. Just type your blog name and select the theme. It has some amazing features like you can easily create a page or post and its customization more users friendly.

    8. Google My Business

List your business online by GMB (Google My Business). GMB is a free listing service of Google where a business can list. Google aims to make search easy if any user searches a business or shop so he can find it easily. It is more useful for small business because every person wants his nearest service. Google My business (GMB) also helps with local SEO of websites

    9. Google Search Console

Search engine console is also known as Google webmaster tool. It is a free and important service for webmasters. It helps to Crawler a website to crawl and give health report of a website.
Some important features of Google Search Console:
• Website URL Crawling
• XML Sitemap Submission
• Robots.txt Submission
• Website Heath checkup etc.

    10. Google Drive

Google Drive is a free cloud storage for personal use. You can store here your personal or important data with security and can access anywhere by mobile phone or laptop. You can share your file with another person. You can store 15 GB freely pre account.


Google provides a lot of free features that are more useful. We can take advantage of these toots freely. It is also more important for marketing and research guy it makes his research and analysis easy and strong.

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